Mobile Application

The mobile application field has been receiving astronomical attention from the past few years due to the growing number of mobile app downloads and withal due to the revenues being engendered .At the same time, Consumer-focused companies are already using wireless technology to get closer to their customers and improve their efficiency by cutting cycle times and cost. It has also been expected that wireless business application is to grow twice as fast as consumer applications. Supply chain and Customer Relationship Applications are quickly becoming a requirement for every industry.

As companies’ embraces wireless applications, three significant stages of development would occur. First, communication between Organisations and their employees, customers, and the suppliers will be radically enhanced in effect mobilizing business operations. Second, companies will use new data from consumer and equipment to reshape business models. And third, previously untapped data will be processed in ways that would change the rules of competitions and even redefine industries.

To cater this growing need to develop state of art mobile application, we at Clareta identifies the core requirements of the customer and enhances it to built application that yields maximum benefits for its customer and streamline the entire processes at one touch.

We build applications ranging from Communications to Games, from Multimedia to Productivity tools and from Travel desk to Utilities tool.