Customer Acquisition

Managing customer acquisition contains a variety of interrelated tasks and activities among which are pricing programs, advertising, alternative and direct marketing systems, sales promotions, and personal selling methods. It’s a given that having good customers is a critical requirement for business success in any market. And companies spend millions of dollars on business development to get customers, convinced that more is better. But more is not necessarily better, because not all customers are the same in terms of their contribution to revenue and profitability.

As the cost of acquiring new customers increases, acquisition efforts need to focus on those customers with the highest potential to become profitable. Most companies constantly look for ways to expand their pool of profitable customers, with the ultimate goal of optimizing each customer’s lifetime value.

We at Clareta, help customers identify each stage in the customer lifecycle — acquisition, service, growth, retention which has its own Unique customer needs attitudes and behaviours which then creates an opportunity to identify and measure competitive performance requirements and metrics for both a particular stage and its relationship to the entire lifecycle.

We assist our Customers in deciding which prospects most closely match a company’s "ideal prospect" profile and also deciding which prospects don’t meet the company’s criteria for acquisition and eliminating them as acquisition targets which helps in focusing marketing and acquisition efforts while saving costs and increasing return on acquisition investment.