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We are a closely knit team of Management Consultants, Digital Media experts, Designers, Developers , Content specialists, Marketing Strategists and Subject Matter Experts. This specialist team is exclusively fighting the good fight to bring universal attention and love to your business.


We offer progressive end-to-end solutions to our clients while never keeping our sights away from what their requirements demand of. Our expertise lies in applying advanced e-Marketing intelligence to complex business issues and deliver robust solutions to create best online customer experience on our client's web properties. With our knowledge in Digital Marketing and Brand value Optimization strategies, Sales Consulting, Social Media Campaigning, Content Development, E-commerce solutions and Mobile Application development, we offer our clients with reliable, quality based and cost effective services.

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COPHMS ( Clareta's One Point Hospital Management Solution ) is an Innovative Solution that connects your healthcare practices to the Digital World without muddling with your ongoing operations.

Designed to complement the workflow of physicians and the staff associated with a healthcare organization, this is the perfect solution to manage, maintain and streamline all the operations related to the day-to-day functioning of the healthcare industry. Besides keeping track of multiple patients, open charts,laboratory results, electronic prescriptions, staff status, care guidelines and bills, its Omni-potential and user-friendly features equips physicians with minute medical information of their patientswhich enables them to take quick decisions and give proper consultation in no time.

Not only does this powerful solution adapt to changing needs and demands of the healthcare industry, but also adapts to the location in which they choose work. The accurate and professional approach of COPHMS enables the management of ahealthcare institution and the associated doctors to access patient charts anytime, from anywhere and from any device. As a result, our healthcare industrygets to spend dutiful tension free time with their patients.

Also helping the industry in its strive to provide better service to their patients and users, we have our On-Demand Healthcare service which enables the physicians and doctors to provide proper medical consultation at any point of time through their mobile devices and computers.


Facilitates hassle-free and systematic maintenance of Inpatients and Outpatients records, right from appointments to registrations and from treatments to billing, details complete in every respect.


Helps healthcare institutions to store and maintain complete medical history of their patients, including their problems, progress notes, medication and consultants. .


Caters to the retail inpatient and outpatient pharmacies and enables the inventory department to build real time database of drugs and other medical equipment.


Laboratories and Diagnostics centers (individual/associated with some hospital) can keep a tab of all its activities, including appointments, doctorsschedule, consultation tracking, bills and reports.

Our Services

We are a Technology and Sales Strategy Consultancy that helps companies acquire, grow, retain and delight customers. We help Our Customers with :


To cater to the growing need of developing state of art mobile application, we understand and identify the core requirements of our customer and enhance this understanding to build customized mobile application as per the need.


From Search Engine Optimisation to Market Research and from Strategy Building to Creative Content, we support our customers to communicate whatever they want to communicate to their target audience, via our uber-efficient digital marketing services.


We develop full range of end-to-end customised software applications for a wide variety of verticals and business domains, irrespective of the nature and size of the company.Our speciality lies in developing scalable software applications, automation software, and business software.


We assist our customers identify each stage in the customer lifecycle - acquisition, service, growth, retention which has its own Unique customer needs,attitudes and behaviours which then creates an opportunity to identify and measure competitive performance.


We guide our customers align its Go-To-Market Strategy with the evolving needs of its customer and answer strategic insights such as What markets should they pursue, Which customers should they target, Which channels fit with how their customers.


We help companies optimize sales to drive specific, predictable revenue growth and profitability goals with our cutting-edge approach that aligns Analytics,Adaptive Learning and Sales Enablement to accelerate performance improvement.


Expand your Career horizons... Be a part of Team Clareta.

Exceptional people are the ones who form Clareta Labs as a whole. The team which we have are made of those people who love to work for the company and in the process help themselves grow. We are always in the search of more such kind of people who can share our passion for learning, growing and delivering great customer service while taking care of themselves and their near and dear ones.

Be the part of a company where your career can have a genuine impact and part of a team who is passionate about whatever it does and is an amalgamation ofextraordinary people. Work in an atmosphere which is casual, collaborative and addictive.

Our growth is an on-going process, and as a growing company we regularly get fresh vacancies to help us keep up with our client's demand.

For current openings drop your resume to  careers@claretalabs.com

Team Clareta

Team Clareta is a very remarkable group of people whose sole devotion is towards providing exceptional service and products to its clients.
Every single member of this organisation gives attention to minute detailing and loves what they do and how they do it!

The best thing about this team is that there is immense personal interaction and everyone is always ready to help each other to deliver their personal best. Team work is what helps this organisation stand where it is standing today!

As life at Clareta Labs is never dull, every team member gets the opportunity to explore his/her flexible work arrangements, partner with impressive customers, and enjoy a competitive compensation and benefit from impressive package. We help our employees bring great ideas to life whether you be a developer, designer, salesperson, consultants, marketing personnel or a person of hybrid talent, you are always welcome to join our mighty force if you think you are one among us.

Our Clients

Wherever we are today and wherever reach tomorrow, we have been and will always hold the ground that our clients are the reason we exist and we incessantly look for new and innovative ways to offer them with our superior quality of products and services that provide good value to them. We have provided our products and services to some esteemed names from all sectors of industries and with nearing a decade-long run, Clareta Labs is fortunate to have partnered with some of the leading companies globally.

What Our Customers Are Saying About
We have been able to provide our quality offerings to some great global clients, and are ecstatic that all of them have some wonderful things to say about their experience with us and the kind of services we provided to them. These great things they said about us motivates us to deliver our best to every single client of ours in future as well..!!!

Our Unique Customer Onboarding Methodology helps us identify the key and real needs of our customers and accordingly provide solutions that meets their need in the best possible ways.


We've brought together some of the exceptional feedback that we've have received from our clients.
If you would like to find out how you can work with us and how the collaboration between us can be beneficial for you, then please contact our sales team via the form below or just give a call to our local contact number, we would love to hear from you !!!

It was indeed a great pleasure to work with such a vibrant team wih deep insights into every details.We have been associated with them for last 8 years but never ever seen them giving solutions which were not benficial to us.
Dr.Priyabrata Dhir
CMD,Sparsh Hospitals & Critical Care Pvt Ltd
They executed my first outsourced project in the year 2011 and so far have successfully delivered 8 projects.Have high respect for their team and the culture of their organisation.What I specially like about them is transparency,integrity and on time delivery regardless of any hiccups.
Mr. Jeff Calleja
Appreciate the passion,professionalism and innovation they bring into their works.They know what is expected of them and delivers exactly the same and infact sometimes more than that.All the very best for your future endeavour.
Mr. Mitesh Khimji
Director,K D & Sons Pvt Ltd

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Our Customer Care Associates can connect you to the right resource to help you understand how we can address your organization's specific needs. Please contact us directly, or leave a message so that we can call you.

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